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CE Certificate
CE Certificate
  TESTYLE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., a High-tech corporation, engaged in the R & D, production and marketing of apparatus and meters for electric equipments testing, power measuring,as well as relay protection etc., located in Wuhan, China. We possess a group of experts and technicians. TESTYLE built its Corporate Reputation and Brand Image at a high starting point and rapid speed through quick and reliable industry information channel, strong Research Capacity and perfect Service System. Our company has achieved tracing, acquiring and exceeding international advanced technology; in the meanwhile, we have built up self-owned brand management centered business model and system management based enterprises operation mode. The company standardizes its quality management in strict accordance with international quality system of IS09001.

TE1075 10KV MOA DC characteristic Tester

TE1013 Three-channel MOA AC Characteristics Tester

TE8000 Anti-jamming Capacitance and Dissipation Factor Tester

TE-BXZ Series AC Series Resonance Device

TE Series Remote Control Sphere Gap

TE3200 High Precision High Current Microhmmeter

TE3100 High Precision High Current Microhmmeter

TE2020 Automatic Turns Ratio Tester

TE3030 High Voltage Circuit Breaker Characteristics Tester

TE3036 High Voltage Circuit Breaker Characteristics Tester

TE2101 Transformer Ohmmeter

TE5812 Microprocessor-based Protective Relay Tester

TE5802 Microprocessor-based Protective Relay Tester

TE5660 CT Turns Ratio & Volt-Ampere Characteristics Tester

TE3018 Circuit Breaker Vacuum Bottle Tester

TE2060 Transformer On-load Tap Changer Tester

TE1510 Ground Impedance Tester

TE7600 Cable Fault Tester

TE2050Transformer No-load & Load Characteristic Tester

TE-DHG DC High Voltage Generator

TE-HPM AC/DC High Voltage Test Set

TE-LCG High Current Generator

TE-OAT Series Oil-Immersed Test Transformers

TE-SAT Dry-type Test Transformers

TE-DMC Digital Control Box

TE8671 Insulation Resistance Meter

TE8701 Digital Microammeter
TESTYLE 9900 Electric Test Vehicle
TESTYLE 9900 Electric Test Vehicle
  The electric test vehicle used in centralized test, repair, and other special requirements of substations, power stations and other power sectors, with the features of "intensive, intelligent, networked, digital," and so on, the test vehicle can complete most of the power test items, we can according to user requirements match equipment; It has been successfully applied for several patents, and have a good application in the power industry.
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Anti-jamming Capacitance and Dissipation Factor Tester
    This device is used for the precision measurement of tgδ and Cx of high voltage electrical equipments, which can identify the pollution, rupture, perforation of the electrical insulating equipment caused by moisture and other defects and hazards.
10KV MOA DC characteristic Tester
    which is widely used for the automatic measurement of residual voltage values under 1mA and leakage current values under 0.75mA of 10KV and below voltage rating MOA, and is applicable to MOA field test in 10kV (6kV) distribution network.
AC Series Resonance Device
    it is applicable to High voltage cable, GIS and other large-capacity, high voltage Capacitive test products’ AC hipot test . Adopting the principle of series resonance, by the way of adjusting frequency to finish the resonant.
High Voltage Generator
    Mainly used for 6 ~ 500kV MOA 1mA DC leakage current test under voltage (U1mA) and 0.75U1mA ,and transformers, power cables and other electrical equipment’s DC hipot and leakage current tests.
SF6-Insulated Test Transformer
    It used for a variety of high-voltage electrical equipment, electrical components, insulating materials of electrical system’s insulation strength test under power frequency or DC high voltage
High Voltage Circuit Breaker Characteristics Tester
    Widely used to detect live tank oil, bulk-oil, vacuum, SF6 and other models, with different voltage level of high-voltage circuit breaker, can also be used for opening and closing & contemporaneous performance of the low-voltage electrical appliances
High Precision High Current Microhmmeter
    TE3100 High Precision High Current Microhmmeter is used for high-precisely measuring the circuit breaker contact resistance and Current-carrying conductor resistance, which can output high current lastingly and stably.
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